💬 This is a standing invitation: if you want to talk developer tools, I want to talk to you.

My email is [email protected] . I read every email I get, and I try to reply to most of them.

  • I like getting messages. I have never, not even once, regretted getting a message from a startup, engineer, student, or person interested in our industry. There is absolutely nothing you can do in my inbox which will cause me to think poorly of you as a person or make fun of you to my friends. The worst thing that has ever happened from someone sending me a message is me being a bit busy that day and not replying. Feel free to send me messages.
  • I like reading things. If you write something worth reading, tell me. Again, the worst thing that has ever happened as a result of that is that I just don’t read it. All that cost you was a two-line message.
  • I like building products. This is doubly true of products which are relevant to my interests. A non-exclusive list of those would include developer tools, data infrastructure, and software for underserved blockchain niches. If you write software that you think I would be interested in, feel free to send me a message. (N.B. Specific questions you have about the product are even better.)
  • I like meeting people at conferences. If I am at a conference as a guest or speaker, my explicit goal for being there is to talk to you. Come up and introduce yourself :)
  • I like meeting people when I’m on work trips. I periodically visit the United States and other countries on work. If I’m in your neighborhood on work, feel free to invite me to say hello, get coffee, etc. Kind warning in advance: “If you’re ever in $CITY give me a call.” is unlikely to result in you getting called. I generally announce on Twitter (@0xarthurxyz) when I travel for work. I don’t do that because I have an overwhelming urge to tell the universe, I do it so that people in the neighborhood will feel free to say hello.

What is this? It’s a personalised and slightly modified “ Standing Invitation ”. (Originally created by patio11 )