tmux (Cheat Sheet)

Read man page with all docs:

man tmux

Start a new session

new-session [-AdDEPX] [-c start-directory] [-e environment] [-f flags] [-F format] [-n window-name] [-s session-name] [-t group-name] [-x
             width] [-y height] [shell-command]
                   (alias: new)
             Create a new session with name session-name.
tmux new -s mysession
tmux new-session -s mysession

List all sessions:

tmux ls

Attach to session:

attach-session [-dErx] [-c working-directory] [-f flags] [-t target-session]
                   (alias: attach)
             If run from outside tmux, create a new client in the current terminal and attach it to target-session.  If used from inside, switch the
             current client.  If -d is specified, any other clients attached to the session are detached.  If -x is given, send SIGHUP to the parent
             process of the client as well as detaching the client, typically causing it to exit.  -f sets a comma-separated list of client flags.
tmux attach -t mysession

Rename session:

rename-session [-t target-session] new-name
                   (alias: rename)
             Rename the session to new-name.
tmux rename -t mysession newName
tmux rename-session -t mysession newName

Prefix (default): Ctrl+b

Detach from session: Prefix d

Create new window: Prefix c

Rename window: Prefix ,

List all windows: Prefix w

Move pane: Prefix { (left) } (right)

Scroll: (Enter copy mode) Prefix [ (Exit copy mode) q

Split vertically (left/right): Prefix % Close pane: Prefix x

Split horizontally (top/bottom): Prefix "

Move between panes: Prefix arrow key

Delete session:

tnux kill-session -t <sessionName>

Resize window (window with lots of dots)

tmux a -d -t <SESSION_NUM>

When you attach to a session in two different terminal applications. You may notice that some of the window space is filled with dots. That is because the session window before is smaller than the current window.